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Answering 3 common questions about foot Orthotics

Orthotics Ottawa

Orthotic devices are used to correct a range of physical mobility challenges, including curved backs, flat feet and various injuries. These devices can be created to fit almost any part of the body, but one of the most common types are foot orthotics. Here are the answers to three common questions about them.

Who can benefit from foot orthotics? 

People who may benefit from foot orthotics include:

  • People who suffer from foot pain. Foot pain is often caused by your feet not functioning correctly, like the ankle pointing too far inwards when you step, for example.

  • People with arthritis. This painful condition can affect joints all over the body. Orthotics may allow the wearer to move around independently and with reduced pain. 

  • People with diabetes. Diabetes often results in nerve damage and loss of feeling in the feet. This loss of sensation can cause strain on the feet and the rest of the body, which can be partially relieved by orthotics. 

What are the different types of foot orthotics?

There are different types of orthotics, each with varying degrees of effectiveness:

  • Off-the-shelf orthotics are widely available at pharmacies and big box stores across the country. You can choose them according to your shoe size and the problem you’re experiencing.

  • Kiosk orthotics are based on a scan of your foot. An orthotic is suggested based on your scan and the information you input into the kiosk. 

  • Custom orthotics are made specifically for the wearer. 

  • Why are custom orthotics the right choice for me?

Store-bought orthotics, even those suggested by a kiosk, are made for an average foot shape that probably doesn’t match your own. This means they’ll likely be uncomfortable and won’t be able to correct your foot issue.

Because custom foot orthotics are made for you, according to your foot and your biomechanical control needs, they’re the only option that will provide the pain reduction and stability you need. Our professional pedortists (foot orthotic specialists) will take your daily activities and the shape and mechanics of your feet into account when creating orthotics that can be placed in almost any shoe you own.

Custom orthotics in Ottawa

You don’t have to live with your foot pain. A pedortist at Ottawa-Carleton Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Center can find the perfect custom orthotic to relieve your pain. Our registered professionals have helped people all over Ottawa, and they can help you too. Call us today to find out more about our services.


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