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Back and Knee Pain Relief Programs in Ottawa

Back Injury – Oh my aching back!

Having lived in a family where a family member suffered from chronic back pain, we can certainly sympathize. Back pain affects your life in more ways than one can imagine. If left untreated, back pain can shrink your world in affecting both your mobility and quality of life.


I’m Not Sure How I Hurt My Back!

Often people can’t really nail down a specific event that caused the initial back injury. More often than not, there simply was no single traumatic event. Back pain is mostly a result of daily routine or lifestyle. This accounts for more than 70 % of all situations.


How Does Back Injury Happen?

A traumatic mechanical injury due to blunt force, perhaps a motor vehicle accident or a really bad fall, can cause injury to your back. The spinal Colom is wrapped tightly by ligaments and supported by muscle. Damages here can create tremendous pain. The most common causes of back pain are muscular or involve ligaments, joints or a trapped nerve of discs.


What About Recovery?

Give your body a chance to heal itself. Our bodies are designed to fix muscle pain and ligament strain within 24 to 48 hours. If this is not the case or if the pain is getting worse – you need professional help. Contact a physiotherapist in your area.


A physiotherapist is trained and certified for back injuries. He is your best way forward to relieve your pain and discomfort. A physiotherapist will also show you how you can provide your body with the necessary conditions to facilitate recovery. Only taking pain killers and ‘‘toughing it out’’ is not the way to deal with back pain.


Knee Pain Relief

Most people believe that only athletes get knee injuries. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone in Ottawa can injure their knee while doing any kind of activity. Don’t suffer any longer; knee pain relief is just a call away. Our Ottawa-Carleton Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Center treats people that have suffered from a knee injury by providing the relief they need.


Common Causes of Knee Pain

We treat a great number of clients with knee injuries here at our Ottawa clinic. People injure their knees in many ways such as from a change of activity, trying something new or a sudden bad move. The more obvious ways are blunt trauma injuries, slips, falls, etc. Knee pain can also be the result of ill-fitting shoes. The cause of the injury is not so important as the extent and type of this injury. They are all painful!


Types of Treatments to Relieve Knee Pain

We work with you to find the actual source of the pain and the treatment program that will work best for the type of damage that has occurred. Our physiotherapists will get you back on your feet again. They also can teach you how to protect and strengthen your knees in the future.


How Long Do They Take To Heal?

Everyone is different, but a slow and steady pace to recovery is the smartest way to proceed. It is also extremely important to let your body properly heal by itself. Too much work on your part in a short period of time can make matters worse.

If you are suffering from knee pain and want rehabilitation and pain relief, please call today to take an appointment.

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