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Skin Disorders Therapies in Ottawa

An Advanced Treatment

Skin disorders affect several people. Fortunately, a range of treatments are available to heal most types of skin diseases. Amongst them, the ultraviolet phototherapy is one of the most advanced treatments today. Ultraviolet phototherapy helps heal extreme skin problems such as psoriasis or vitiligo.


How It Works

Ultraviolet light is a form of long wave light, which target the affected part of the body to slow down the growth and the spread of abnormal skin cells. The treatment is especially effective for people suffering from extreme stages of severe skin diseases. The rays help heal the damaged part of the skin over time.


Phototherapy Benefits

Unlike other skin treatments, phototherapy does not use steroids. Steroids are after all known for their serious side effects, namely putting on extra weight, increase in appetite, etc. It would be wiser to rely only on treatments that do not use steroids for all your skin disease concerns.


Phototherapy is more effective than over-the-counter medication. Skin diseases like psoriasis have become common in certain parts of the world. This naturally means that there are several over-the-counter medicines available for patients. These types of medication do not reach the source of the problem. They are a temporary treatment unlike ultraviolet phototherapy, which can help heal patients permanently.


Ultraviolet phototherapy is economical in the long run. Sessions help patients overcome their psoriasis for long periods of time. Although each patient requires a couple of sessions to overcome the illness, the overall cost of the treatment is not much. This greatly benefits patients.


How to Find an Ottawa Phototherapy Practitioner?

Most Ottawa family physicians will be able to guide you on which practitioner to contact for the treatment. Ultraviolet phototherapy is a sensitive treatment. You need to consult a professional doctor who is well-known in the field. This will lower the chances of any side effects.

The best way is to find a practitioner through your family physician. You can also ask your local hospital for their dermatologist’s advice.

Let the team at Ottawa-Carleton Physiotherapy Center help you with your skin condition. Our clinic is located in downtown Ottawa. Parking is free. Call and book an appointment today.

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Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Ultraviolet phototherapy is a safe and effective treatment method. However, you need to consult a well-known practitioner.

  • Reputed practitioners will be able to professionally perform the procedure without causing any further damage to your skin.

  • For skin related problems, it is best to seek second opinions. Some doctors may be able to provide you with advice that doesn’t require therapy of any kind.

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