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Medical Evaluation and Insurer Examination Services

Our independent medical evaluation and insurer examination services here in Ottawa are second to none. If you are in need of an independent evaluation, give us a call today to arrange your evaluation.


An IME or IE provides a thoroughly objective, impartial assessment of the claimant’s diagnosis and prognosis for recovery. Based on an extensive interview process, a comprehensive review of the claimant’s history, documents and an objective medical assessment, the examining professional issues a highly objective and detailed report. These legally defensible reports include unbiased medical opinions in a time-sensitive manner and carry no incentive to refer a claimant for treatments.


We are committed to the provision of a high level of standardized assessment services. Our roster consists of 40 to 50 different medical and allied professionals offering a variety of services such as:

  • home, work and job site assessments

  • physical demands analysis

  • functional capacity / ability evaluations

  • pre-claim examinations

  • full catastrophic assessments

  • vocational assessments

  • psychological assessments

  • orthopaedic assessments

  • neurological assessments

  • neuropsychological assessments

  • dental assessments

  • medicolegal assessments

  • other medical assessments


If you are looking for independent medical evaluations or insurer examinations in Ottawa, give us a call today.

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