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First Aid and CPR Training

Someday, you may be involved in an emergency situation or be present at the scene of an accident. Someone seriously injured may require your help. Our state-of-the-art system of


First Aid & CPR Training here in Ottawa will

provide you with the essential training to recognize and assess emergency situations. This will enable you to make a difference between life and death situations.

HEART BEAT is a well-recognized Canadian Emergency Training Agency that promotes, through its members and medical staff, a unique low-stress, easy learning instructional methodology to First Aid & CPR Training. Being affiliated with The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada and Ontario, The Canadian Red Cross Society and Ottawa-Carleton Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Center, this makes our training the most widely recognized certification program in the industry, especially with Worker’s Compensation.


Our Ottawa First Aid & CPR Training Includes:

  • Emergency First Aid Courses.

  • Standard First Aid Courses.

  • Advanced First Aid Courses.

  • CPR Courses (Levels A, B, C, D, E).

  • Emergency First Responder Training.

  • Emergency Scene Assessment.

  • Oxygen Administration.

  • Health & Safety Programs.

  • Physiotherapy Consultation & Treatments.

  • First Aid Equipment & Supplies.

  • First Aid for All Events.

  • Automated External Defibrillator


Our Programs Include:

  • On Site Training.

  • Courses Adapted To Your Needs.

  • Multilingual Training and Consultations.

  • Friendly and Professional Instructors.

  • Competitive Prices and Group Rates.


Since 1990, we have been offering high quality training that respond to our customer needs. Our instructors consist only of healthcare professionals who are multilingual and have dynamic and diverse backgrounds in both medical care and emergency response. Drawing from their background and everyday medical experience, they use a variety of practical, energetic and inspiring teaching methods to maximize learning and teach each group in accordance with individual needs and work demands.


Our agency is constantly monitoring medical and scientific research as well as student feedback to ensure top quality service, professional training and guaranteed to your satisfaction, or we don’t charge for the training.


We have the most comprehensive and advanced HEART & STROKE and Red Cross First Aid & CPR manuals for our certification courses. Through HEART BEAT, student’s skills are evaluated by observation, not by stress producing written tests, and they receive their certification at the end of their course.


At HEART BEAT, we want to make a difference by helping others save lives. If you are looking to join a class for First Aid or CPR training in Ottawa, give us a call. Our number is 613-789-0015.

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