Physiotherapy in Ottawa

For Infants, Children, Adults and Seniors

The benefits of physiotherapy are widely recognized in orthopaedic, neurological and cardiopulmonary areas, among people of all age groups. It is the recommended treatment for muscular injuries, and any injury involving joints, bones and other soft tissues.

If you require physiotherapy in Ottawa, please visit Ottawa-Carleton Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Center. We offer comprehensive physiotherapy treatments for infants and seniors, and everyone in between. We also offer neurological physiotherapy and orthopaedic physiotherapy to help you start feeling better!

Among the conditions that are treated by physiotherapy:

For more details and to book an appointment for a session of physiotherapy in Ottawa, feel free to contact us, by phone or e-mail.

Free Physiotherapy to Canada Refugees

We are happy to announce that our team of professionals has been offering free physiotherapy services to refugee patients who come to the country and are eligible under the government’s Interim Federal Health Plan (IFHP).

Resettled refugee applicants whose eligibility does not cover provincial or territorial health insurance, such as the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), can rely on the IFHP for temporary and limited coverage of health care benefits.

This coverage is comparable to that of Canadian social beneficiaries and includes physiotherapy, vision and urgent dental care, as wells as prescription drugs. This plan has been created to provide better health outcomes to refugees, protect public health for every Canadian and decrease the administrative workload of health care providers.

Please give us a call for additional information or to book your session of physiotherapy in Ottawa.

Free Physiotherapy to Canada Refugees

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