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Magnetic Therapy, an Alternative Medicine in Ottawa

Magnetic Therapy

Among the various alternative medications available today in Ottawa, magnetic therapy is one of the most accepted and widely used advanced therapies. Although it has gained popularity in recent years, the technique dates back several hundred years and can be traced back to some of the earliest oriental civilizations of the world.


The Theory

This therapy works on the premise that there are magnetic fields in the human body. When a swelling or injury occurs, positive ions are generated. Their effects can be balanced by the production of negative ions through the use of magnets. This is believed to increase blood circulation leading to better oxygen absorption and to remove body toxins to bring back good health. This medication emphasizes and promotes the benefits of natural healing.


Areas of Application

Magnetic therapy claims to bring relief for the following disorders:

  • muscle pull back

  • muscle sprain

  • carpel tunnel syndrome in the wrist

  • any other inflammation of muscles and tissues

  • sinus

  • headaches

  • sleep disorders

  • arthritis pain

  • stiffness


Methods of Application

This therapy can not only be done with professional help but also by individuals without any technical knowledge. There are simple instruments which can be purchased and used without hampering the normal life schedule of the patient. Some of the devices include:

  • contraptions-like bandages to be worn in the affected areas

  • magnetic jewelry pieces to be worn around wrists, hands, neck, elbow or head

  • magnetic shoe insoles

  • magnetic creams

  • magnetic plasters and patches

  • magnetic dog collars to heal the pains or injuries of the house pet

  • magnetic beds and mattresses

  • magnetic blankets

  • magnetic water


Magnetic Therapy Benefits

This particular healing technique has gained popularity in Ottawa in recent years. This can be the result of the its multiple benefits, such as:

  • promotes natural healing

  • does not use medicines

  • non-invasive therapy

  • brings a natural sense of well-being

  • replaces missing magnetic fields in the body

  • can be administered without professional help

  • safe to use

  • affordable, unlike the modern treatment methods

  • no side effects


A Word of Caution

Although these devices are safe to use, they are to be strictly avoided in the following circumstances:

  • in case of pregnancy

  • in case of electrical implants like pacemakers

  • not to be used as a first aid device

  • avoid using magnetic beds for more than 7-8 hours at a stretch

  • avoid using magnets on abdomen immediately after eating

  • do not use positive magnetic pole near your head

  • do not use negative pole during an attack of asthma

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Ottawa-Carleton Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Center

Although interest in magnetic therapy has increased manifold, there are a few differing opinions on the efficacy of this treatment.

Followers of the conventional medical schools are of the opinion that many of the promises made are far-fetched and lack any scientific proof. But the strongest argument in favour of this unconventional treatment method is that there are no side effects, thus it can do no harm to give the cure a chance. Many people we have treated find it affective.


If you would like to talk more about our magnet therapy facility here in Ottawa, give us a call today and see if magnetic therapy is right for you. The team at Ottawa-Carleton Physiotherapy is here to help.

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