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Custom Orthotics in Ottawa

Are you experiencing foot pain while walking or standing? You might need custom orthotics. Ottawa-Carleton Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Center’s team is here to help you with custom orthotics in Ottawa that is tailored to your requirement. Our team also  specializes in offering braces and independent medical evaluations.


What Is Orthotics?

Orthotics is a kind of brace which helps to align the affected parts of the body. It can help people deal with several physical problems such as flat feet, back injury, curved back, and others. We carry a wide range of braces and custom orthotics in Ottawa. These braces are reliable and can relive you from physical or muscle ailments. Many of our senior clients use orthotics to give support to their joints. It is also used by sportsmen to reduce pain due to sports injuries.


Contact us for all types of treatments and custom orthotics in Ottawa. Here are a few custom orthotics we provide in Ottawa:

Upper Limb Orthoses

Upper limb orthoses are fitted on a patient’s arm to heal structural injuries. It might even be used to improve the functionality of the upper limb after a surgery. Some doctors may suggest the use of custom orthotics on the upper limb to fix muscular damage and problems too. Patients suffering from arthritis in their elbows are also known to use upper limb orthoses.

Lower Limb Orthoses

Like the upper limb orthoses, a lower limb orthoses is used to improve functionality in the legs or help heal injuries. It is used to help a patient improve their walk and also to reduce pain. Patients who suffer from arthritis also benefit from using an orthotic device because it provides support to the affected area or joint.

Foot Orthoses

Foot orthoses are often worn by athletes to heal foot injuries. This device consists of a specially designed sole, which is to be put at the bottom of the foot. It provides relief to patients suffering from inflammatory problems. Diabetic patients are also known to use foot orthoses because it helps prevent ulcers or blisters on the foot, a common effect of diabetes.

Ankle – Foot Orthosis

As the name suggests, ankle foot orthoses is a brace specially built for the ankle area. It is usually made of plastic and helps reduce pain arising due to sprains. Some variations of the device can be used to control the knee joint as well; these variations are known as the knee-ankle foot orthosis.

Knee Orthosis

The knee orthosis is specifically designed to help support the knee joint. It is worn to align the knee after an injury or surgery. It also helps to stabilize the knee when a patient suffers from muscular problems. It reduces pressure to the joint, thereby quickening the overall healing process.

Spinal Orthoses

Spinal orthoses are braces that help support spinal problems as well as injuries. Abnormal curvatures of the back are sometimes healed with the constant use of spinal orthoses. There are several kinds of spinal orthoses available that deal with different problems related to the neck and spine. Depending on a patient’s requirement, the doctor decides which kind of brace would suit best.

Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics can offset stress levels as pressure is exerted; this allows your feet to function properly. Unlike the shoe inserts bought over-the-counter at drug stores, custom orthotics are personalized to match your unique foot structure. Here are some advantages of using them:

· Provides superior comfort

· Assists in fighting off pain in the foot, ankle and leg

· Improves balance

· Enhances athletic performance

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