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Physiotherapy Services for Repetitive Strain Injuries in Ottawa

Repetitive Strain Injuries

We see more and more people who are suffering from repetitive strain injuries here at our physiotherapy clinic in Ottawa. RSI or repetitive strain injury is a term used to describe a number of conditions that usually affect the arms, shoulders and hands. These injuries are work-related and involve a repetitive motion.


Repetitive Strain Injuries and Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists have developed treatment programs that help treat repetitive strain injury, as well as inform you how to avoid, prevent and minimize future injuries.


Repetitive Strain Injury Diagnosis and Treatment

Early diagnosis and treatment are important. Left untreated, RSI can snowball into a very serious impediment, even to the most mundane daily activity. Call and book an evaluation today. With treatment, we can help you recover from your injury and show you how to change the way you go about your daily work to decrease the chances of further damage and maximize your recovery time.

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