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Pediatric Physiotherapy in Ottawa

Pediatric physiotherapy is the treatment for children in need of improved strength, range of motion, postural control and co-ordination. Strengthening these areas work together to increase the child’s quality of movement and gross motor development.

Candidates for Pediatric Physiotherapy
Candidates for pediatric physiotherapy may be children exhibiting delayed motor development. Children who have neurological disorders or conditions like cerebral palsy or spina bifida can benefit from physiotherapy. 


Some of the conditions for which pediatric physiotherapy treatments are recommended:

  • Postural

    • torticollis

    • scoliosis

    • limp

    • W-sitting

  • Flat head

  • Delayed development

  • Neurological

    • Sprain

    • Post fracture

    • Surgerye

    • Patello-femoral sindrom

    • Osgood-Schlatter

Pediatric Physiotherapy Benefits
Pediatric physical therapy benefits children, their families and their caregivers in a number of ways. The therapy promotes activity and participation in everyday routines and increases the child’s functional independence. It is going to help the child’s motor development which will lead to better mobility. Combined, these benefits can help in the daily lifestyle of these children.


If you are worried that your child or teenager might be in need of pediatric physiotherapy in Ottawa, give us a call. We can arrange an interview and assessment, and develop a plan moving forward.

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