Occupational Therapy: A Holistic Approach offered by Ottawa-Carleton Physiotherapy Center in Ottawa

What Is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a holistic approach that uses the human touch to increase an individual’s range of motion and reduce scar tissues and pain.

Types of Treatments

Productive Aging

Occupational therapy can help seniors live a fulfilling and independent life while participating in enjoyable and meaningful activities. Occupational therapists help older adults with issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, low vision, independent living and driving. Occupational therapists help seniors improve the quality of life.


Occupational therapy also helps with the disability and rehabilitation of certain adults in rehab programs, skilled nursing facilities, home health and hospitals. The environmental, psychosocial, cognitive and physical needs of certain adult populations are addressed by occupational therapists.

Occupational therapy can help with autism and communication through telehealth methods and cognitive treatments for patients in the armed forces who suffer from traumatic brain injuries.

This therapy is particularly helpful in helping patients cope with post-traumatic stress disorders and psychological distress. It also helps with the education and training involved in the use of prosthetic devices for patients who have suffered amputations. Therapists train patients who have suffered hand amputations in handling and getting comfortable with myoelectrically controlled limbs.

They Also Teach Them How to Use These Limbs Functionally

This therapy helps to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and survivors by offering management techniques for fatigue, stress and anxiety as well as for management of lymphedema. Autistic patients are trained to get involved in communities and forge successful relationships.

Mental Health

Occupational therapists work in long term mental care facilities, day programs and hospital settings to offer mental health services to senior citizens, the youth, children and those suffering from debilitating mental issues.

Benefits of occupational therapy in the mental health niche extend to child care, money management, leisure pursuits and development of social skills. It also helps in community participation and access, education, employment, medication management, coping skills, routine building and schedule maintenance.

Occupational therapists work with individuals suffering from mental health issues to help them acquire the abilities and skills required for taking care of themselves and others.

Holistic Treatment

Occupational therapy has been shown to be extremely effective at decreasing the pain, sensitivity and swelling associated with rotator cuff injuries and carpal tunnel or with problems of the forearm and shoulders. It is often done prior to the application of neurodevelopmental techniques and myofascial release for relieving the pain. It can similarly reduce arthritic pain.

This holistic treatment can relieve or decrease migraine headaches, cramping, spasms, post-surgery swelling and adhesions. It is also widely used to help with stretch marks and scar tissues, anxiety and depression, low back pain and reduce medication dependence. Occupational therapy can improve joint flexibility, skin condition, help you recover from injuries, child birth and boost immunity.

Health and Wellness

Occupational therapy can help with the promotion of occupational justice, social participation and healthy living practices. It can reduce healthcare disparities, promote the well-being of individuals with chronic illnesses and prevent secondary conditions, injuries and diseases. It also helps to improve the quality of life.

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